Prop Site #2

Prop Site #2 rakeback MAC

  • Prop Site #2 Rakeback: 100%
  • Location: Costa Rica
  • Game Types:
  • Traffic: Small
No longer available!

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General Information

Prop Site #2

General information

Prop site #2 is an exclusive deal at an etablished Poker network. Please look through the rules carefully as this site have slightly tougher rules compared to other prop sites.

Prop Compensation
- 90% rakeback on prop eligible tables
- 100% Rake Back if average in excess of $220 Gross Rake per day

Props are allowed to play SNGs and tournaments and will receive rakeback at the fee if they do play a cashgame table at the same time.

Prop Limits:
$0,50/1 NL and above
$1/2 FL and above

Any play outside the prop scheme is paid 35% rakeback. Props does not have to follow prop rules other than chatting rules during play at non prop limits.

We are now running a limited prop promotion. Any prop that rakes more than $200 within 30 days will receive a $100 cash bonus!

Frequently asked questions about this site
Q:I already got an account at this network, can I still become a prop?

A: No, unfortunately this is not possible.

Q:Where do I get my rakeback, and what day do I get paid?

A: You get paid weekly at Mondays (afternoon EST) directly into your account.

Q: The shiftmanager does not answer my check ins, is this normal?

A: The shiftmanager does not usually respond unless you break the rules or there are some other kind of issue regarding your prop play.

Payment options
Wire Transfer

Prop Site #2 Review

Getting a flat rakeback percentage on all stakes and all tables is a great way to simplify the whole idea behind poker propping. Those who play at high stakes though and generate high volumes of action, rightfully expect to be treated differently than the rank and file props. At this site, high volume players are indeed rewarded. The regular poker prop deal consists of a 90% rake rebate, which all those who play at the prop-eligible tables will pocket. Those who generate more than $220 in gross rake per day, will enjoy a 100% rakeback, so they’ll basically play rake free.

The problem with most of these poker prop deals is that tournament players are deemed ineligible quite instantly. Most poker prop deals only award prop rakeback at the cash game tables. This deal takes things a tad further: it gives a rebate on the tournament fees for players, both at the SNG and MTT tables, provided those props who play in these tournaments play at a cash game table too in the same time. Quite frankly, most poker props do not get the max out of their poker prop deals by playing in tournaments and getting their tournament fees back, but it’s still a nice perk which adds yet another dimension to the whole deal. The prop limits at the cash tables are set quite generously too: at the NL tables, the lower limit is $05/$1. At the fixed limit tables, it’s $1/$2. Those who play outside the propping limits won’t be left empty-handed either: they’ll receive a 35% rebate on the rake they generate.

Those who already have accounts at this poker room will not be accepted as poker props. The whole idea behind the hiring of poker props is to generate action in order to attract ‘normal’ traffic, therefore turning the existing ‘normal’ players into poker props doesn’t make much sense.