Become a poker prop

Get paid to play poker! If you provide an essential service by propping for a poker room, you can be paid 100% of your rake back. Sound too good to be true? It isn't. Almost every poker room has used props at one time or another to help with their player liquidity. Simply put, props are poker players hired by online poker rooms to start and save games.

Poker Propping

  • It takes players to attract more players. Poker rooms need to provide action, with multiple tables running at different levels, to attract players

  • Hired props start and fill those games creating an attractive environment for new players to join

  • The poker room compensates the props well and profits off the increased activity and number of players on their site has the largest selection of poker prop deals available. Check out all the deals, but make sure you pick those that fit you well and then sign up to gain a serious financial edge against your opponents.

  Poker Room Prop Pay Game Types Traffic
EU Prop Site #8 Up to 150% Medium
US Prop Site #19 90% Medium

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More on Poker Propping

Poker rooms invest considerable resources marketing their rooms. They can't afford to have these new players show up and not see any games running. These new players are typically reluctant to start new tables or play short handed. Poker props play that important role of populating these tables and encouraging these new players to play, thereby helping the poker room make money. The prop player plays with their own money and they are responsible for their own wins and losses, but the poker rooms pay you for this valuable service by giving you most or all of your rake back. While the need for poker props is greatest at new and smaller poker rooms, that doesn't mean props will be relegated to playing at such upstart sites exclusively. Some of the already established poker rooms hire poker props in specific areas that need more activity and action (e.g. medium traffic classification in our chart).

If you need further reasons to consider propping, we've noticed changes in the online poker scene the last few years. The players have generally become more skilled and tougher to beat. Some countries have enacted restrictions affecting the quality of the overall casual player pool. These changes require that poker players work harder to improve their game and look for profitable edges. Poker propping is a great edge for the right player. Whereas most players pay around a 5% rake to the poker rooms they play on, with poker propping you can get most or all of that back. In some instances, you can be paid to play. That edge can turn losing and break even players who like to grind into consistent winners and regular winners into much bigger winners.

In return for the tremendous rakeback or prop pay you can receive, the props have certain responsibilities and obligations. Each poker room has different restrictions or guidelines for their props. Before you sign up to a poker prop deal, make sure you understand these propping restrictions, because these restrictions coupled with the actual value of the deal, will help determine which prop deals are most appropriate for you. has a proven track record recruiting and managing props, so seriously consider becoming a poker prop with us today!