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Could your poker room use props? Almost every established poker room has utilized poker props at one point or another. Do you feel you could do a better job of stimulating the action? Our poker props can play a key role in your poker room's player liquidity. It is absolutely essential that you provide adequate action at most featured limits in order that you don't waste your marketing investments when those new players show up. Just think about it: you invest in an expensive ad campaign that yields excellent results. New players learn about your poker room and some of the special promotions it offers. They show up only to find little or no action at the levels and games they want to play. What do they do? They leave frustrated, heading to a bigger more established poker room, but not before making a mental note not to come back to your room any time soon. You've wasted valuable resources, without considering the investment you needed to make in having adequate player liquidity for those newly recruited players.

PokerProps is here to assist you in hiring a prop team. We have years of experience recruiting and managing thousands of poker prop players. Our team of players can quickly accelerate the process of creating reasonable traffic and action for your poker room. Provided your offers are attractive, your player base will swell without any other sort of radical interventions on your part. We will manage the props, according to your standards that you establish with us. We are compensated much like a traditional affiliate, on a percentage basis depending on the number of prop players and their playing volume we deliver.

In order for PokerProps to best promote your room and its offers, you'll need to provide us with detailed information on your poker operation and what you are looking for. Please include the following:

  • The approximate number of poker props you deem necessary to cover your critical liquidity. This piece of information is important because you do not want to end up with an over-sized prop team that is a drain on your revenue. You need as few props as possible to cover your needs, because you will be paying these players to play.
  • What games and levels that are available for propping. You can be as broad or specific as you like in what you are seeking. Some established sites still use props, years later, in order to increase action in particular lesser frequented games or during certain hours.
  • Outline the restrictions that you'll require of your prop players. Areas like seating restrictions, limit restrictions, minimum and maximum playtime, scheduling preferences, management-related restrictions, bonus and promotion limitations should all be thoroughly covered.
  • Specify the exact percentage you're willing to pay your poker prop players. This is your main weapon for attracting props, so make sure you set the percentages well: attractive enough for your players and reasonable enough for yourself. Poker props will be playing on their own bankrolls, but they are generally not adding to your revenue and can be a slight drain when you factor in the prop team site percentages. It is the vastly improved playing environment for all your other players where you will more than make up for this expense.
  • Think through your prop expectations and responsibilities, so that there isn't room for them to be abused by individuals. Poker players are used to finding and exploiting small edges anywhere they can and they'll be extremely handy in exploiting any loop-holes in your system too. Your hired props will probably remain your poker props for as long as they play at your room, often long after you have stopped offering prop deals officially.

You've come to the right place to find poker props to support your games in your poker room.

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