Prop Site #7

Prop Site #7 rakeback MAC

  • Prop Site #7 Rakeback: 70%
  • Location: -
  • Game Types:
  • Traffic: Medium
No longer available!

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General Information

Prop Site #7

General Information:
This deal is at an established network with more traffic than any other prop deal we are offering. They have now opened up to new props for a limited time. They especially requests props playing during EU times. This is a rare opportunity to prop at a site like this so it is very important that any applications are from serious props that know how to follow prop rules.

Prop Compensation:
Hold ‘em - Hold ‘em - $1/$2 and up (NL/PL/FL 6 & 9 max)
Omaha & Omaha 8 - $0.25/$0.50 and up (NL/PL/FL 6 & 9 max)
Tournaments - All tournaments are eligible for 50% rakeback. Deposit and transaction fees are deducted for props.

If during a week you ONLY play tournaments then the system can not automatically pay you.
To receive automatic payment Props need to play 1 raked hand per week. If for this reason you are not automatically paid please contact us and we will get the site to pay you manually.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: I already got an account at this site, can I still be a prop here?
A: No.

Q: Where do I get my rakeback, and what day am I being paid?
A: You are paid weekly to your account.

Q: Restricted Countries/States:
A: Spain, France and players from Washington and Kentucky are not allowed.

Payment Options:
VISA, Mastercards, NETELLER, Moneybookers, Paysafecard, ECOcard, Usemywallet, Ewalletexpress. A lot of other methods restricted to one or a few nationalities.

Prop Rules:
1) No more than 2 props at each table.

2) The props are invited to join all tables at which one-half (50%) or less of the seats are occupied (assuming restraint (1) above is satisfied).

3) Any violation of the prop limits will result in the prop account being closed and accrued payment being forfeited.

4) Props are not eligible for ANY promotions. The prop players are allowed to open up a second account with regular rakeback in order to be eligible for promotions.

Prop Site #7 Review

This prop deal is one that's offered by a poker room with more substantial traffic than any of the other deals we feature. Most poker prop sites are up and coming operations, with few players and they need props in order to generate player liquidity.

This site is a well-established one, with plenty of players, for which the critical player liquidity hasn't been a problem for quite some time. They have only opened up for props for a limited time after which securing such a generous rakeback deal with them will become impossible.

This site is aiming to spice up the action during EU hours, hence they prefer EU-based poker props. Those who are serious about their poker propping should definitely make the most of this – quite possibly unique – opportunity.

Those who already have accounts with this site will not be able to secure a prop deal. The reason is a plain one: as said above, these guys are really not that desperate for props and they do intend to keep their existing player base they way it is.

Poker prop compensation will be transferred directly into player accounts once every week. Transaction fees will be subtracted from the poker prop rakeback.

The propping limits are quite decent at this site: poker props will be required to play above $1/$2 for Holdem and $0.5/$1 for Omaha for all betting structures.

The propping restrictions are quite lax too: poker props should be careful not to gang up at the tables: a maximum of two props is allowed at a table. Poker props should generally aim for tables where only around half the seats are occupied by 'normal' players.

While the restrictions are indeed few and far between, this site is extremely strict in this respect and violators' accounts will be closed as soon as any breach of rules is noticed.