Prop Site #8

Prop Site #8 rakeback MAC

  • Prop Site #8 Rakeback: 150%Up to
  • Location: Costa Rica
  • Game Types:
  • Traffic: Medium
No longer available!

Please contact our support for more information.

General Information

Prop Site #8

General Information
Prop Site #8 is a deal on a unique poker network that means you can also play as a prop on your PC, iPhone and iPad.

Prop Compensation
- Up to 150% Rakeback on all tables and all limits of poker. The rakeback is based on the number of other props on the table and the length of your session.
- If you play at tables without other props then the rakeback rate is increased.
- A session starts when the first raked hand is played and ends when no raked hand is played for 20 minutes.
- If a player plays at more than one table at a time then hands from all tables are counted towards the session.
- Props can view the current prop rakeback rate for each table through your poker account page and clicking on "Table Info".
- Props can only take one of the first 4 seats at a table and props can not play another prop at the Heads Up tables (automatically enforced by the software).

Session Length
(# of RH)
Rakeback % vs props
(At a table with more props than non-props)
Rakeback % vs non-props
(At a table with equal or more non-props than props)
0 50% 50%
25 60% 60%
50 70% 70%
100 70% 80%
200 70% 90%
300 70% 100%
400 70% 115%
500+ 80% 150%
**The rakeback rate for heads-up tables at €2/€4 and above may vary from the rates shown above. Please see the rakeback info window on the poker site to view current rates at these tables.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: I have an existing account. Can I still become a prop?
A: It depends. Contact prop support for more information.

Q: Where do I get paid and when?
A: Rakeback is paid daily direct into your playing account.

Q: The shiftmanager does not answer. Is this normal?
A: The shiftmanager does not respond unless you break the rules or there is some other issue regarding your prop play.

Q: Restricted Countries:
A: USA, Turkey, Afghanistan, Antigua, Barbuda, Costa Rica, China, Cuba, Cyprus, France, Hong Kong, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Kahnawake, Libya, Macau, Netherlands Antilles, Republic of Serbia, Sudan, Syria, Philippines.

Payment Options:
Bank Transfer
Diners Card
POLi eps sofort
Laser CartaSi iDeal
NOTE: All payment options are provided via Moneybookers.

Rules and Restrictions:
1) Before you start propping, check in to the shiftmanager at Skype (pokerprops) by sending: "Alias is checking in for propping at Prop Site X”. The shiftmanager does not respond unless you break the rules or there is some other issue regarding your prop play.

2) Props can only take one of the first 4 seats at a table and props can not play another prop at the HU tables (enforced by the software).

3) Props shall participate in chat at the tables to encourage a good environment. Chat cannot mention the Prop program, must be respectful to customers, must NOT undertake any recruitment and must not violate any standard customer rules. Props not following this code of conduct will be warned and subject to penalties and may have chat disabled.

4) Props are not eligible for any bonuses or promotions unless otherwise agreed.

5) Props must always sit at an empty table willing to play – trying to increase action on the tables – unless the prop are already playing at 3 tables (rule not enforced if playing on an iPhone. iPhone usage is logged).

Please open and wait at only one table per game type and per table stake. For example you can sit waiting at a HU 1/2 table and a 6-max 1/2 table or for another example at a HU 1/2 table and a HU 2/4 table.

6) The Prop Site reserves the right to withhold payment to any prop players suspected of collusion or abuse of the scheme in general. This includes breaking the prop rules.

7) The prop must register with a new screenname - not used previously by the prop on any poker site or forum.

8) If the rules above are not followed the maximum rake that the prop will be able to earn is 35% during that period.

Prop Site #8 Review

This poker prop deal is one of our most generous ones. The propping rules are lax, the rakeback percentage is awesome and there are a few perks which make the package even more attractive.

Here are the details: the prop compensation is a massive up to 150%, which gives the phrase "being paid to play" a whole new meaning. The propping limits are extremely generous as well; there aren't any: players will earn prop rakeback on all tables and all limits, provided there aren't too many props playing at the same table.

The limit to that is quite generous too: as long as there aren't more prop players than 'regular' players sitting at the same table, props will earn the above said up to 150%. The interesting thing about the interface is that it allows players to take a look at their current rakeback rate, by clicking on the 'table info' button in their poker accounts.

The tracking of one's earnings is just as easy and elegant: one can view how much rakeback he/she earns in the interface too, and when there's more than €1 accumulated, he'll be able to move it into his real money account, taking it back to the tables straight away.

The propping restrictions on this deal are the usual ones: players have to contact the prop manager before they start a session. The manager may not always respond but that doesn't mean he's not there and watching.

Props have to participate in the chat in order to promote the action. They are however not allowed to reveal their status to any of the other players. Of course, it goes without saying that props must treat everyone with respect in chat.

Poker props will not benefit from any of the regular bonuses and promotions offered by the site.

The screen-name of the prop has to be a new one and different from whatever other aliases he may have gone by in other poker rooms/forums.