Prop Site #17

Prop Site #17 rakeback

  • Prop Site #17 Rakeback: 115%
  • Location: Prop Site #17
  • Game Types: ANY
  • Traffic: Small
No longer available!

Please contact our support for more information.

General Information

Prop Site #17

General Information:
Prop Site #17 is one of a kind and they are the future of social gaming. This deal provides props with a great opportunity as it also includes Omaha and even tournament fees. Prop Site #17 is the fastest growing social gaming network with clients from all around the world. Webcam poker is what they specialize in and Prop Site #17 holds a world wide IP for the webcam poker application.

Prop Compensation:
115% rakeback daily for all cash games tables. Tournament fees count towards prop rakeback. Rakeback is paid at midnight for the previous day's play.

Prop Limits:
For NLH tables the qualifying minimum table limits are $0.10/$0.25.
For Omaha and FLH tables you can play at any cash table limit.
Tournament Fees count as Prop rakeback.
Freerolls and HU are not allowed.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: I have an existing account. Can I still become a prop?
A: Yes. Contact prop support for more information.

Q: What countries Prop Site #17 does not take players from?
A: USA, Turkey, France, Switzerland, Denmark, Estonia, Italy and South Africa.

Payment Options:
Visa Mastercard, Entropay, Skrill, Neteller.

Rules and Restrictions:
1) Props must at all times use webcam and show their faces and speak to other players as you would in a real poker house or casino.

2) A prop player may not play on any designated heads up cash games or tournaments (exception listed below). Props may however play heads up (short-handed) on 6-max or full-ring tables.

3) Props must be polite in the chat, no abusive or sarcastic chat of other players will be tolerated.

4) A prop must never disclose their prop deal to another person or player.

5) Props may play on full tables BUT also sit in and be ready to play on an equivalent table (same limit/size). Abuse will be punished.

6) Heads Up SnG's qualify but you must be the first person registered for the tournament.

7) Props may not join waiting lists for tables.

8) If a prop is seated at a table then he must be playing or ready to play and not sitting out.

9) As long as the seating rules are complied with Props do not need to leave a table when it is full or start a new table, although that is encouraged to help create action for the site.

10) Any violation of the prop limits, rules or spirit of the deal could result in the prop account being closed and accrued payment being forfeited.

11) Props are not eligible for promotions unless specifically notified. The prop players are allowed to open up a second account with regular rakeback in order to be eligible for promotions.

12) You are not required to check-in with the Prop Manager before starting a prop session.

13) Always read Prop Site #17 Rules & Restrictions which can be found on our website.