Prop Site #1

Prop Site #1 rakeback US MAC

  • Prop Site #1 Rakeback: 80%
  • Location: Kahnawake
  • Game Types:
  • Traffic: Medium
No longer available!

Please contact our support for more information.

General Information

General Information:
This is a prop deal at an established network open to US players. The traffic is not bad for being a prop site and you can play all stakes and games with a good prop pay of 80%.

Prop Compensation:

Prop Limits:
There are now no minimum restrictions on prop play table limits for No Limit Holdem or Fixed Limit Holdem cash games but props are not allowed to play on Heads Up tables.

No minimum on other game types, i.e. Omaha, Stud, Sit&Go and MTT`s but props are not allowed to play on Heads Up tables

Frequently asked questions:
Q: I have an existing account, can I still be a prop?

A: Not if you have been active within the last 6 months period.

Q: Where do I get my rakeback and when?

A: You are paid twice a month, on the 5th and 20th, directly into your poker account.

Q: Can I see how much I have raked?

A: Yes, you can monitor your play. Please be advised that stats are 24-48 hours behind.

Rules and Restrictions:
1. Before you start propping, check in to the shiftmanager at Skype (pokerprops) by sending "alias is checking in for propping at Prop Site #1, blinds $xx/xx" The shiftmanager will not respond unless you break the rules or there is some other issue regarding your prop play. The shiftmanager is not a live support. For any support matter please contact the Prop Support through mail.

2. A prop player may not play on heads up tables.

3. A prop player must always be courteous to the other players.

4. No more than two prop players per table.

5. Props are not eligible for bonuses.

6. A prop must never disclose their prop deal to another person or player.

Please sign up or sign in to your PokerProps account to read the full list of the prop deal Terms and Conditions

Prop Site #1 Review

What better way is there for a poker prop operation to draw more than decent traffic than by opening up the site for US players? This poker prop deal does exactly that. That’s not its only selling point though: it also offers its props a nice sign-up deal: if they make an initial deposit in excess of $100, they’ll be allotted tournament tickets, as well as random reward tickets. The math behind this deal is extremely simple: poker props earn 80% rakeback on all stakes and all tables. The poker room management will distribute 10 random reward tickets among the most active poker props every week. Poker props qualify for this special offer for the first 6 months of their time with the site.

Restrictions-wise, the deal isn’t a shabby one either. Most of the prop restrictions are quite standard ones: poker props aren’t allowed to play heads-up. They don’t qualify for the regular promotions run the by the site unless it’s expressly stated so. Other than that, they need to be careful not to gang up at tables: no more than two props are allowed at the same table. They need to treat everyone with respect and they mustn’t ever reveal details about the deal they’re enjoying to the other players. Poker props are also required to sign in with the shift manager before they start a propping session.

Those who already have accounts at the site will not be accepted as poker props, unless their accounts were inactive for at least the last 6 months. The rakeback that poker props earn is transferred directly into their poker accounts twice each month. Although no real time rakeback tracking is currently available, players can keep track of their rake stats, with a delay of 1-2 days.

The bottom line: propping at this site is as hassle-free as it gets. The flat 80% rake rebate allows players to be perfectly aware of what their expectations should be rakeback-wise.