PokerStars rakeback MAC

  • PokerStars Cashback: 30% Up to
  • Location: Isle of ManEU
  • Game Types: ANY
  • Traffic: Huge


PokerStars cashback can be claimed daily by cashing in your VIP points


First Deposit Bonus of 100% up to $600

- You can make a total of 3 deposits that equal up to $600 in your first 90 days to claim the full First Deposit Bonus
- Use First Deposit Bonus code STAR600
- Use same bonus code for each of the deposits
- First Deposit Bonus installments of $10 for each 170 VPPs
- First Deposit Bonus expires after 180 days

VIP Details

Players start at the VIP Club Bronze Star level and then can work their way up to the Supernova Elite level where you can purchase items such as a Porshe! A players VIP star level can be displayed beside their avatar during a game. PokerStars sometimes run promotions where you can increase your VIP level quicker.

Every VIP Club level benefits increase as you earn more stars. The benefits include a higher VPP per rake rate, VIP freerolls and bonuses.

You need to maintain your status each month or each year.

VIP Club level information:

Monthly VIP Levels:


VIP Level VPP Required FPPs/VPPs Cashback Equivalent
BronzeStar N/A 1 9-17%
SilverStar 750 1.5 16-21%
GoldStar 3,000 2.0 19-26%
PlatinumStar 7,500 9 23-31%

Yearly VIP Levels:


VIP Level VPP Required FPPs/VPPs Cashback Equivalent
Supernova 100,000
3.5 28-38%
Supernova Elite 1,000,000 5 57-74%

PokerStars Review

PokerStars has been the largest and arguably the best online poker room in the world for quite a while now. The site is the only one which survived the Black Friday indictments, being able to pay its US players and to get on with its business elsewhere. Even though its player base took quite a bit of a hit then, given the fact that its rivals were pretty much swept away by the Black Friday wave, PokerStars still rules the market today. The cash game action is unparalleled and there are all sorts of tournaments kicking off all the time. The software is simply awesome.

PokerStars never fell into the 3D-trap graphics-wise. They always knew good-old glorious isometric 2D was good enough for poker, and they focused on expanding their game selection instead of tinkering around with the graphics. PokerStars have always had one of the most exhaustive game selections in online poker ever. Besides Holdem and Omaha, the site offers 5-card Draw, HORSE, HOSE, Mixed Holdem, Badugi, 8-game mix, 2-7 Triple Draw and 2-7 Single Draw lowball. What’s even more important: there’s decent traffic on all these poker variants, so they’re not just there for the record, one can actually log in, join a table and play away. The quality of traffic is extremely varied at the site. There are tons upon tons of beginners, but there are plenty of experienced pros too, even at the lower stakes, so table selection is more important at PokerStars than anywhere else. Many of the US pros were forced off the site after the Black Friday events, but many of them have since moved abroad, simply to be able to continue playing at PokerStars.

As far as player loyalty is concerned, PokerStars are the best in this respect as well: their Supernova loyalty program is something that everyone – including the craziest high stakes pros – vies for. PokerStars is quite probably the biggest organizer of live poker tours all over the world, therefore, the site’s promotions include countless opportunities for earning live event tickets. As a matter of fact, many of the winners of these live events come from among players who have earned their seats online at PokerStars.

While there isn’t a bona-fide PokerStars rakeback program, there is a VIP cashback scheme which is a close equivalent. The bottom line: we can whole-heartedly recommend playing at PokerStars for everyone outside the US.