Refer-A-Friend (RAF)

PokerProps recognizes that the best advertising is word of mouth from a friend. PokerProps wants to reward those members who refer poker players to PokerProps. As thanks, we offer the opportunity to earn a percentage of the referred player's poker rake!

The referral process ties their PokerProps account to yours and from there they can choose whichever prop deals they prefer. If they add or change prop deals in the future, they will remain associated with you and you will continue to earn your referral percentage.

Each of our prop deals varies in the referral percentage you will earn:

Poker Room Referred Friend Your %
Prop Site #7 70% 1%
Prop Site #8 150%~ 2%
Prop Site #9 85% 2%
Prop Site #10 85% 2%
Prop Site #17 115% 2%
Prop Site #18 85% 2%

How Do I Refer Players?

You must have an account on PokerProps to refer-a-friend and be tracked. You do not have to be an active propping player to refer people.

There are two ways to refer poker players:

  • When someone signs up on PokerProps, they have the option to put in the username of the person that referred them in the "Referred By" box. Make sure to have them input your PokerProps username and that will link their account to yours.
  • When you are signed in to your account, you can access and give a referral link that is tied to your account.

NOTE: Please remember that while we encourage you to contact friends who might be interested in propping, PokerProps doesn't endorse mass spamming and such behavior can lead to being banned from the prop program. As a PokerProps member you are not to reveal details of the specific poker rooms and their propping activity. Any violation or abuse could lead to the entire program being shut down.